The Global Engineer Development Project

The Global Engineer Development Project at Matsue College aims to globalize prospective engineers, equipping them with the skills to excel in engineering on a global scale. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students develop technical expertise, cross-cultural understanding, and global perspectives. Language proficiency and international experiences foster effective communication and adaptability.  

Global Commons

Students study for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), guided by Professor Kana Harvey at the Global Commons every Tuesday. 

Past Events

Online Exchange with Temasek Polytechnic students

The Global Engineer Project PR Booth at the 58th School Festival!

Board Game Day at the Global Commons

Study Abroad Virtual Tour and  Information Session

Let's Explore the World : 

The Philippines

Singapore Day and Chat

During Singapore Chat and Day, Kosen students and teachers engaged with two exchange students from Temasek Polytechnic College. The event spanned two separate days, providing valuable opportunities for cultural exchange and fostering connections between the participants.

Global Greetings :

A Welcome Cultural Event

The Global Commons hosted a vibrant welcome event for international students, fostering intercultural bonds. Japanese and foreign students connected through socializing, enjoying traditional music from Mongolia and India, and sampling internationally-themed snacks. The relaxed atmosphere facilitated meaningful interactions, promoting a sense of community and global understanding.

On August 7, 2023, the Global Commons hosted a cross-cultural exchange event as part of the Global Engineer Development Project. Third-year students engaged with invited international exchange coordinators from South Korea and France, gaining insights into their countries and cultures. Let's continue fostering global competency and strive to be engineers excelling worldwide! The event was organized by Professor Sasaki of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

International Students' 

Welcome Party

Overseas Programs



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