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Explore exciting opportunities for international exchange  and growth in engineering education.

Explore the opportunities presented by Matsue Kosen's global programs. With  international partnerships, study abroad programs, and global exchange opportunities, Matsue Kosen is committed to nurturing the growth of future global engineers. 

International Student Program

Global Exchange Experience

The Global Engineer Development Project at Matsue College aims to globalize prospective engineers, equipping them with the skills to excel in engineering on a global scale. 

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The Global Commons is a vibrant space dedicated to nurturing student development outside of the classroom, fostering global connections through exchange programs, and promoting  a dynamic environment for cultural and academic interchange among local and international students and educators.

Background image:  The Global Commons provides students with TOEIC Hour, a specialized time outside of regular classroom hours dedicated to studying for the TOEIC exams. During TOEIC Hour, students are guided by experienced teachers and teaching assistants (TAs).


Matsue City, Tersa Hall [ September 11-15, 2023] - Matsue Kosen excelled as the host of the international symposium on technology education, ISATE2023. With nearly 200 participants from various countries, the event aimed to advance engineering education through discussions and knowledge exchange. Highlights included traditional performances, informative presentations, and cultural experiences. The symposium boosted international collaboration, enhancing the college's global engagement prospects.

Stuttgart, Germany [March 8-15, 2023] - Matsue Kosen visited the Mercedes-Benz Headquarters in Germany, fostering global exchange and invaluable insights into the automotive industry, technology, and sustainability. It exemplified Matsue Kosen's commitment to equipping students with a global mindset and empowering them for success in an ever-changing world. By driving diplomacy through this immersive experience, Matsue Kosen continues to forge meaningful international partnerships and create transformative educational opportunities.

Honolulu, Hawai'i, [March 5-10, 2023] - Matsue Kosen recently embarked on a transformative journey of academic exchange with the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. This transpacific collaboration aimed to foster educational partnerships and establish lasting connections between the two institutions. Through workshops, lectures, and immersive cultural experiences, Matsue Kosen students and faculty gained invaluable insights into the Hawaiian culture while engaging in meaningful academic discussions. This exchange program exemplifies Matsue Kosen's dedication to global engagement and its commitment to providing students with diverse and enriching educational opportunities.

Global Education Fusion: 

An Inspiring Visit to Okinawa's Kubasaki High School 

Okinawa, Japan, [February 27- March 3,2023] – Delegates from Matsue Kosen embarked on an inspiring visit to Okinawa's Kubasaki High School. The visit proved to be a transformative experience as students had the opportunity to learn about the latest technology utilized by the armed forces stationed at the American military base in Okinawa, Japan. Particularly noteworthy was the demonstration of earthquake-finding robots, where Kubasaki High School students showcased their expertise and shared their knowledge. Matsue Kosen delegates returned home with valuable insights, further enriching their educational journey.


Matsue Kosen welcomes 2 Singaporean exchange students 

Matsue City, Published 11/20/2023 –Two new exchange students from Singapore were welcomed  at Matsue Kosen in November 20, 2023.  

Germaine Ong Si Jie and Joycelyn Foo Le Xuan, both majors of Game Design and Development  at Temasek Polytechnic College in Singapore will study at Matsue Kosen as part of the  international exchange programs of both colleges.

Both female students are currently under the Virtual Reality Chat Project under the guidance of Professor Hashimoto, a professor of Information Engineering. Germaine and Joycelyn will be in Japan until February 9, 2024. 

A male student from Matsue Kosen is also currently an exchange student in the same partner college in Singapore. 

Southeast Asian international students arrive at Matsue Kosen

Matsue City, Published 06/29/2023 –Two international students from Southeast Asia has been accepted at Matsue Kosen in April, academic year 2023-24.  

Pechratanak Khoem from Cambodia and Jiaher Xiongchee from Laos and officially entered Matsue Kosen as part of through the Japanese Government Scholarship Program under the Monbukagakusho Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology  (MEXT). 

Pechratanak, a student  from Cambodia, takes up Information Engineering while Xiongchee, a student from Laos,  is taking up Electrical and Information Engineering  at Matsue College. The two new students are in addition to five other international students currently in the student exchange program of Matsue College.  

Matsue City Selected as Shimane's First "SDGs Future City" 

Matsue City, Published 06/01/2023 Matsue City proudly takes the lead as Shimane Prefecture's very first "SDGs Future City," showing dedication to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among 28 cities picked nationwide, Matsue City stood out for its initiatives to promote sustainable economic growth.  Awarded by the Cabinet Office on May 22, 2023, the city's "local government SDGs model project" was the only one selected in Chugoku and Shikoku regions.

*Photos courtesy of the Matsue City Government,  SDGs Promotion Division

The theme of Matsue as an "SDGs Future City" is   embracing its identity as the "City of Water" and creating prosperity as an international city of culture and tourism, from the perspectives of SDGs.  With a commitment to achieving the SDGs, Matsue City aims to create a future envisioned in the Matsue City Comprehensive Plan called "MATSUE DREAMS 2030," which strives for a city where dreams come true and citizens take pride. 

This achievement  brings financial support and guidance from experts and government agencies. With a strong commitment to the SDGs, the city hopes to inspire others by showing how nature, heritage, and a thriving local economy can peacefully coexist.

Global Commons launches new global homepage and logo, promoting international mileage

Enhancing awareness through a Global Approach

Matsue Kosen, Published 06/29/2023 – The Global Commons has unveiled Matsue Kosen's new global homepage, furthering the college's commitment to a more global and internationally-oriented environment. The platform aims to enhance mileage, foster greater international awareness, and encourage cross-cultural understanding among students and faculty. The global homepage serves as a gateway to diverse international programs, study abroad options, and intercultural initiatives, enabling students to develop global competencies. 

By embracing this global approach, Matsue Kosen seeks to cultivate a vibrant multicultural community on campus. The launch of the global homepage signifies the institution's dedication to global engagement and creating valuable opportunities for international collaboration. 

The newly launched global homepage will serve as a gateway to a wealth of information, resources, and opportunities for students, enabling them to explore a diverse range of international programs, study abroad options, and intercultural initiatives. This will enable students to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, develop global competencies, and become well-rounded individuals prepared to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

On the other hand, the Global Commons unveils its new logo, symbolizing unity with a small globe embraced by interconnected hands. The logo incorporates the school emblem, representing glocal initiatives. A faint silhouette net over the school name signifies the launch of a global homepage, promoting a connected and inclusive community.

Why study at Matsue Kosen?

The National Institute of Technology, Matsue College (commonly referred to as "Matsue Kosen"), is a distinctive higher education institution overseen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Technology (MEXT). It provides a nurturing environment for both local and international students. Our primary goal is to guide students in cultivating their practical knowledge, technical expertise, and creativity, thus arming them with the necessary skills to thrive as future global engineers.

Embrace the tranquility of our campus in Matsue City,  Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Our institution is nestled between the enchanting Lake Shinji and the breathtaking Sea of Japan, while drawing inspiration from the iconic Matsue Castle—a symbol of our  rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture, forge lifelong connections, and embark on an extraordinary educational journey at Matsue College, where your dreams transcend boundaries. 


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